A New Horizon

Captains of Travollas,

Merry Xmas Season and prosperous 2022. Accept my warmth greetings and a firm handshake of fellowship.

This ship of Travollas has finally and by Divine guidance, safely arrived at the harbor. I have to thank y’all for your fervent commitment, steadfastness and diligence. Y’all fought a good fight, though the waves of this very last month of December blew so hard on most of you. I watched and could see how y’all stood firm, and without blinking to face this reckless threat of uncertainty.

Tonight, we all are boarding into Travollas new ship of 2022 and I have to welcome and sincerely thank y’all to be on board, to be of sound mind and to be of a willingness to arrive at the shores of our destination in extraordinary ways.

As we sail into this new horizon, I have to encourage you to put together in check, to be equipped with all your necessities. Be equipped with every tool and weapon you will need, with the fiercest of all weapons - Fervent Prayers and the Word of God, hidden within the flames of your very soul. With these weapons, you will cut through the soul of the darkness that stands your way and as a shining light, overcomes its ancient schemes.

Do not forget your most precious garment - Love. She is your beauty, your radiance, and the fuel that fans the flames within your soul. By her, you will find precious friends from Heaven and many precious gifts from the Divine.

Do not forget most importantly to have your Google Map with you at all times which is the Company’s Policy. With this, you will swiftly sail through the icebergs of delays, uncertainties and unneccessary distractions. Many Captains this previous year, forgot their Maps and most of them got lost on the way and could not continue in the journey.

With these weapons and tools in place and in Tag, I have to assure y’all, you will conquer and win as fierce Warriors and extraordinary heroes.

It is Travollas tradition to honor their heroes and to encourage and strengthen the weaker ones to keep up with the faith. As we sail in this ship of Travollas, we all will celebrate, jubilate and award gifts of honor to the valiant and most spectacular ones.

To the valiant ones will be awarded gifts of Cash and to the most spectacular will be awarded gifts such as mobile devices and electronic gadgets. However, do not allow misconception weakens your resolve of good judgement, as all of you did extremely and amazingly well.

In this delight of your brilliance, Travollas plans to celebrate her first birthday and Anniversary. We invoke and invite y’all captain’s to prepare your immediate family members, as sky turns brighter and the clouds of celebration gather and draw closer.

Travollas celebrates her first birthday and anniversary in the Month of April. I in particular and to be exact, I cannot wait to meet y’all, look into your eyes, shake hands with y’all, dine, wine and jubilate with you when the clouds finally gather.

As we move on to this new horizon, I wish y’all well, and I pray y’all stay strong, firm and secure and above all be hidden within the very flames of the Most high God as the radiance of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ shines through your darkness and leads you even into this new horizon 2022 and even to your very gray hair.

Once again, Iam thanking y’all with so much love From,

Daniel Elvais

MD Travollas.